Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away

Well this winter blast is crazy! I don't remember it snowing like this since I was in elementary school and that was like 20 some years ago. School has been out for 2 days so we haven't had Jackson here.  Jason was also out of town so it was just me and BB.   For the most part we don't go many places during the day anyways because I haven't perfected taking two kids out.  So I decided I wanted to go shopping after just sitting here all day and it was just us.  So Tuesday night I call my mom and say if theres no school the next day I was going shopping if she wanted to go.  Well not even an hour later I am letting the dogs out and I see a truck rolling down the hill.  There was no one in it, it just started sliding on the ice I guess.  It was the weirdest thing.  After that I decided that maybe I shouldn't go anywhere. We live on a road that is borderline out of the city and no one salts it or scrapes.

We sit here all day once again being bored.  I am sitting in one room and Bailey is back in the playroom.  All of the sudden I hear her yelling.  I ignored for a minute because she is always yelling about something.  I finally go back there and good thing I did.  This is what she did. 

She someone how climbed in her shopping cart and couldn't get out. I immediatly told her stay still and ran and got the camera.(As you can tell we dont have a bedspread yet because we just traded my parents a full size bed for a twin so Bailey could have more room in there).

I am pretty sure she was telling me that we should have gone shopping! 

Well it hasn't snowed since yesterday morning yahh! Nope not yahh!!! We are under a weather warning advisory at noon today until Saturday morning.  We are supposed to be getting another huge storm coming through.  They actually had school today for some odd reason.  We are betting they are going to let them out early and then have no school tomorrow. 

Can you tell I am over snow?  Is it spring yet??????


MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I wish Spring would hurry up! It sounds like I haven't gotten as much snow as you but I am not a fan of snow, or being stuck in the house, or driving in it. I hate snow.

Those pics are so cute! She's going to be a shopper!

Trish said...

i hate snow!!!! Growing up in Kentucky i saw mt fair share...that is why I love the NC coast(but we are suppose to get at least an inch tonight) which means the people here are freaking out....I am sure there is no bread, milk or egss with in a 50 mile radius of my house!

Amanda said...

I am totally going to be THAT mom! "Wait while I get the camera" Hahah! I LOVE IT!

When you get a sec, Check out my newest update:


Mrs. Vincent said...

We are so ready for spring/summer here, too! My husband and I are both teachers so we have a chance that we'll have snow days but it seems like we get our hopes up and the we have to go to school anyway.

So what are you secrets for getting out of the house and being out and about with two kiddos??? Just curious!

Anonymous said...

I'm done with winter already too and I'm afraid it's barely just begun. How frightening to see that truck rolling with no one in it! That sure is icey. Too funny that she got in the shopping cart, looks like she wanted to get out of there too!