Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boring days and a package

Wish I could say something exciting has been going on thats why I haven't posted anything.  Jason got home on Friday and was tired from traveling.  We sat around all evening and had a really lazy Saturday.  Well actually we did laundry all day, so it wasn't that lazy.  Sunday we ran a few errands and then went to my parents for dinner. 

Guess what I got Monday??????  A new lens for my camera.  I have been debating for months whether or not I wanted to get it.  I have read several different blogs saying that its their favorite and highly suggest it. Its not like I am a professional and need all these lenses, but I love taking pictures!! I finally caved in and bought it with my Christmas money.  I have been playing with it all day.  So there will be lots of pictures coming up that I have been taking because I am totally obsessed.  I don't really know exactly how to use it that well yet so some pictures are a little blurry! 

We also got a package in the mail today!

YAHHH Thanks Nanny!!  First off Jason has decided to stop smoking.  Jasons mom sent us the start up kit of chantix and the next few months.  This has been a long battle to get him to stop, but hopefully it will work.

 She also sent Bailey a little something in the package and she loved it!


Freddae' said...

I've got the same trouble...out of things to say. Actually, I probably have too much to say but its freezing my creative juices.

Great photos.

Trish said...

great job so far on the pics. I just have an average, everyday camera...I just can't make my self break down & spent $700 on a camera yet...not to mention the hubs would KILL me...unless...I ask for that for MY 15 year anniversary present in August...hmmmmmmm...good thinkin'

Tell your hubs we are all pulling for him to stop smoking!!!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I'm jealous of your new lens! I wish to own a beautiful DSLR and gorgeous lens one day.

Good luck to Jason quitting!