Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't mess with my schedule!

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and had to have my mom come babysit.  Not only did she have to watch Bailey, but Jackson was here too.  That was the first time since Bailey was a little baby I had left her during the day with my mom or anyone besides Jason.  She obviously was really excited. I put Bailey down for a nap before I left because she hadn't one and it would have been too late once I got home to put her down.  Well to my surprise and my mom she ended up sleeping til after I got home aka about a 3 hour nap.  My mom isn't really around Jackson that much except if she stops by occasionally during the day.  So I was telling her everything she needed to know about our schedule and I kind of got exhausted thinking of how "scheduley" (totally made that word up) I am.  So I thought I would let ya know how a normal day goes for us in the "Brouse House." 

  • Anywhere between 6 and 7:30 Bailey gets up and then I drag my butt outta bed.  (If she gets up early we watch tv and play for a bit.)
  • 7:30 we eat breakfast
  • 8:00 Jackson gets here
  • 8:15-9:30ish we play downstairs and watch the news
  • 9:30ish go upstairs and give Jackson a bottle and lay him down for a nap/Bailey and I go back downstairs and play until he wakes up
  • 11ish or whenever he wakes up we go back upstairs and play
  • 11:30ish we have lunch and then play til naptime
  • 12:30ish I give Jackson a bottle and take him downstairs to lay him down/come back upstairs and lay Bailey down
  • Jackson usually wakes up about 1:30 or 2 we play downstairs until Bailey wakes up
  • Bailey wakes up about 2:30 or 3/ Jackson and I go upstairs then
  • 3ish We play upstairs and I get Jackson's things together
  • His mom comes about 3:45
  • I start making dinner around 4ish (That is if I make dinner)
  • 5ish we eat dinner
  • Play until 7
  • 7 is bathtime then play a little
  • 8 is bedtime for Bailey
  • Jason and I watch tv and hang out til 11 and go to bed!

This is my life every single day and I swear it goes like this give or take 30 minutes or so.  I get so aggravated when something doesn't go the right way or something gets me off schedule.  It seems like a pretty easy schedule, which it is at times.  There are just so many details in between like:
  • We have 2 sets of baby monitors for each kid.  Jackson naps in the pack-n-play downstairs so when I lay Bailey down I have to make sure the downstairs monitor is off or she will wake Jackson up and vice-versa.
  • I also have to make sure I turn them back on or I won't hear them crying when they wake up.
  • Did I mention I need to shower??? Usually happens when Bailey goes to bed at night. Sometimes when Jackson takes a morning nap I can.  I dont trust both of them together in the family room while I shower.
  • The dogs go in and out about a million times a day.
  • try to keep the kitchen clean during the day. 
  • I vacuum up dog hair constantly.
  • Did I mention they need their diapers changed?  Yeah that gets mixed in there too!

I know everyone has days just like this, but thought I would share with you so you can keep track of what I am doing at all hours of the days.  Do you have a schedule or just go with the flow?


TheCrunchyWife said...

Hi :) I love your blog! Following you from MBC FFF :)



Trish said...

girl I was the same way when Kyle was younger. If my schedule got out of sorts my world was rocked beyond control!

I think kids adjust and do better when they have a set routine.