Sunday, September 20, 2009

I can do it myself!!!!!

We haven't done much this weekend.  But here are a few things that I captured on camera that I just knew you would love to see.  Bailey loves her veggies.  I usually hold the corn on the cob for her and she will take bites off of it.  I decided to give her the whole thing and let her go at it.  Well she loved it.  But she loves to think she is a grown up and do things herself.  She ate four of these things.  Yes I said FOUR!  Imagine the diapers I have changed the past few days. Sorry if you were eating or have a weak stomach just had to mention it.

Well its Sunday night and we have nothing to do...soooo what better to do??? Make cookies!!  She loves to look in the stove if I turn the light on.  So she watched the cookies as they were baking.  Then we enjoyed a cookie with some nice cold milk before she went to bed.

In case you were wondering where my dogs sit while Bailey is in the highchair.  RIGHT BESIDE HER!  In the first they are just waiting for her to throw food....which she always does.  The next shows them looking for the crumbs she threw. 

I bought a few things to decorate for fall.  This is what I put on the table and thought I would share with you.  Aren't the pumpkins cute??  I will post more of the outside decorations once I get the pumpkins to go with them.

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