Friday, September 11, 2009

She did what?

These pictures are not from the day everything happened, but thought you would like to see. I have been putting pictures on here different and this way wouldnt let me move the pictures around the way I wanted them.

Well as most of you know Jason is not in town at the moment. I am used to him traveling but this time its really rough. I feel so responsible and I dont like it at all. I could never be a single mom or someone married to a military guy that was over seas. I admit it I am to dependant on Jason. Hope thats not a bad thing, but its just really nice to have the help. As we all know Bailey is really full of herself these days and really stressing me out. Two days ago I put Bailey down for her nap and then came downstairs to put Jackson to sleep. Well Bailey plays in her bed for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep for nap or bedtime. Well thats what I thought she was doing--she played, smacked the wall, and cried a little bit. Nothing out of the norm. So I was trying to nap myself when all of the sudden BAMMMMM....Bailey climbed out of her crib. She started crying and was standing by her door when I got there. I am pretty sure my heart was in my stomach for at least 12 hours because I was so scared she would do it again. I dont think she is ready for the toddler bed. She would just play in her room all night. So we ended up (my parents and I) turning the bed backwards because the back is taller and then put it in the corner so she only has one short side to climb out of. Oh yeah i took the bumper out because I think she used that for a boost to climb out. So far it hasnt happened yet...but I still cant sleep very well thinking she is going to fall out and actually get hurt.

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