Friday, August 21, 2009

First day of work.

Well in case you didn't know. I started babysitting for a friend of mine. She is a school teacher and just started back today. Lets just say today was very interesting. At first I thought Bailey would be kinda jealous because she has had my individed attention at all times for the past 15 months. Then I thought wow what have I gotten myself into I am going to have to start carrying her everywhere because she will think she's a baby. WRONG!!!! She loves this baby. She didn't care what I was doing with Jackson (the baby obviously). Well as soon as he got here he needed a diaper change...go change the diaper. Did Bailey follow??? NO! She gets in the carseat and relaxes. We get the boppy out for Jackson to sit in. She has to sit in it first. Then she shares it with him. Jackson lays on the floor so does she! She did put his paci in her mouth a few times. (She only gets hers a naptime and bedtime so she was excited) She also tryed to snatch the bottle but only once maybe twice. She wasn't jealous at all. She thought he was one of her babydolls I guess. She stayed by his side and gave hugs and kisses and had to destroy his diaper bag. Why??? Hello shes my child...shes nosy!!! I keep saying this is helping me learn to have 2 children without the sleepless nights. Don't take that the wrong baby #2 anytime soon. Here are a few pictures of today and the past week. By the way Jackson is one of the cutest baby boys ever! Enjoy.

Oh yeah one thing Bailey has learned in the past week is to dip her food in ketchup. I showed her one time and she can do it just like an adult. She loves it and when she has used it all she points towards the bottle and wants more. It is very cute!! Click on pictures below!!!

First day on the JOB!!

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