Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pool time

We had my cousins wedding to go to on Friday so didn't want to drag out stuff out on the beach and then leave early.  So we thought we could go to the pool by the condo.  We packed out stuff up and ready to go....until the guy told us we had to have a membership.  Well we dont live there so NO we dont have a membership.  So we were about to treck it down to oceanfront when, Amber, a lady Jason works with offered us her pool.  Thank you so so so much Amber.  You made Baileys vacation worth it because she LOVED the pool.

Her pointed once again. I think TT was about to jump off the divingboard...for the first time EVER!  I would post a pick but she might kill me!
Notice how she is smiling here and not at the ocean.
Giving me some love!  Gosh I love that kid!
She is full of herself!
Bailey being a super star!
Showing daddy that she learned to jump in the pool.
Love the faces.....

She loves her daddy!!!
Telling daddy where to stand to catch her!
My other favorite picture!
Once again thank you so much Amber, your poool was soooo nice! 


Trish said...

she makes the silliest faces! So cute!!!

Mrs. Vincent said...

Great pictures! I love the colors! Do you scrapbook? I'm a scrapbooker so when I see pictures I can just picture the paper I would use with them and the blue pool with Bailey's cute suit would just make a great layout!!!! Looks like a ton of fun!