Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I scream, you scream....

So as we speak Jason is telling me I need to blog more.  Who does he think he is?  My blog manager??  He says he follows me and loves reading it!  So nice to have such a huge only fan!  We are leaving soon to go out of town so I decided I better show you the pictures from our first beach trip.

Bailey and Mamaw laying around after a long day on a beach!

Bailey and Daddy on the beach!

Ohh my sweet love!

The beginning of Bailey pointing everything out!

See a boat!

Who knows probably a plane or boat.

Daddy I wanna go over there!

Look at that hair!!  Do you see the hair that the sun has bleached?  Why can't I get free hilights like that?

Of course we had to get icecream with sprinkles!

We were supposed to share it!

I only got a few bites!

She ate practically all of it besides the cone.

Have you seen these signs before anywhere?  They are all over the place at oceanfront.  I am not sure how well people abide by them, but at least its a little bit more of a reminder considering there are children everywhere.

You hopefully will not have to wait long before the next post!


Trish said...

great pictures and he hair is just perfect.Ask here who does her color? :O).
Love the no cussing sign...that is a trip!

Mrs. Vincent said...

Okay, so I just commented on other posts and I'm getting to this one...but these pictures are screaming scrapbook page to me, too with all the dark blue! Love it! You all are such a cute family! I love that the hubby reads your blog, doesn't it throw you off when they comment like that? I know Chad had said that to me and I'm like, you actually read my blog? I guess because he never comments I don't think that he actually reads it! :)