Friday, April 18, 2008

Starting laundry...

Well I started washing all of Baileys things yesterday. Mainly all of the oniesies, bath stuff, and blankets. Well that was an all day thing....taking off all the tags and opening the bags they came in. I did a huge load of clothes...which is a lot because her clothes are small....and doesnt it look like I touched her closet or dresser. This baby has way tooooo many clothes! She does not need any at all....I dont even look at clothes anymore when I go shopping because its pointless and a waste of money right now. Other than that everything is still the same...enjoying the 80 degree weather and feeling her kick ALL the time. She is going to be very strong because she is out of control when it comes to kicking and punching! You can just sit there and watch my belly and it goes up and down! But she is very snobby when it comes to touching the belly. She will toss, turn, kick, punch, and hiccup until someone other than me or her daddy touches the belly....then she stops!! Well off to enjoy the weather some and get ready for the weekend!

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