Monday, April 14, 2008

Ok Here goes...I have never done this blogging thing and I hope that it doesnt confuse anyone. I thought this is an easier way to let friends and family see whats going on in our little family without emailing or calling to let everyone know. It keeps everyone on the same page and can check it out when its conveinent for you. Right now we are going to birthing classes once a week for 3 more weeks. They are teaching breathing techniques and how to know when you are in labor. I'm clueless to the whole thing in a way and guess I will know when it happens and Jason will be in town! We are still trying to finish the babys room with last minute touches. As of right now we are going to the doc every two weeks, we spend more time in the waiting room than with the doc. Right now we are 33 weeks, wow doesnt seem like its been that long huh? WRONG! I feel like I have been pregnant for at least a year! Alright well thats it for now! I will try and update this often or whenever I feel the need to vent! Keep on countin' down

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