Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well I decided to do another interview with Bailey.  The last two times I asked these questions were September '11 and September '12.  It is now May 2013 and lets see what her answers are and how they have changed. 

Whats your favorite color? Pink---Pink--Pink

Whats your favorite food? Spaghetti--popsicles--Icecream

Whats your favorite clothes? Arial clothes--Arial pajamas--my birthday shirt

Whats your favorite thing to play with? Toys What toys? Arial Toys and all princess ones--Arial bathtub toy--baby Mickey (we just got back from Disney)

Who's your best friend? Ava and Jackson--Camy--Ava

Whats your favorite TV show?  Team umizoomi--Spongebob--Doc Mcstuffins

What do you like to do during the day? play on swingset--To play dress up--play with Baby Mickey

Where would you like to travel? I would like to go to Lindsey's house--New York--Disney again

Whats your favorite animal? baby pig--Unicorn--Pinky the bear

Where do you like to shop? Lindseys house--Target--The mall

Where do you like to eat out at? Wendy's--Mcdonalds--Chick-fi-la

Who do you love? Ava, Jackson, Mommy, and Daddy and Jason--Mommy and daddy and all my family--you (aka me)

Anything else you want me to type: I like the princess castle.  I want a new boyfriend.---

If you need a new one who is your old one? Daddy

"I need two boyfriends.....lets go on and get them."

ADDED May '13- I like Maddox and baby Mickey.  

Whats your favorite movie? Spy Kids 2

How do you like being a big sister? I like to give Maddox kisses and I like to watch and change his diaper. 

Are you glad you have a baby brother? YES

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