Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I went to the doctor Wednesday morning.  I was 37 weeks and 4 days.  I was so over being pregnant.  This little squirt had kicked me so much and I just couldn't breathe or have any energy to do anything.  My sister went with me to the doctor and Jason stayed at home with Bailey. Dr Aliff asked if she wanted me to strip my membranes aka try to get labor going.  When she checked me I was still 2 cm dilated.  She went ahead and stripped my membranes and boy did it hurt. I am pretty sure I almost broke my sisters hand as I squeezed.  She said it normally works to get things started and she expected to see me in labor Thursday night. We joked hopefully it was sooner so we wouldn't miss Greys Anatomy.  She told me to walk, walk, walk, that it helped get things started.

We came home and Jason went hunting and Misty, Bailey and myself went to Red Lobster, Target, Toys R Us.  I just walked.....very slowly.  I had some cramps and just wasn't feeling the greatest.  We came home and I googled about getting membranes stripped and if it really worked.  I would have random contractions but nothing big.  Jason got home around 7 and I was having more contractions just not regular.  Around 8 they were hurting more but nothing regular.  They got worse and worse but weren't lasting that long.  Jason ended up laying in bed with Bailey and I was going to go to bed soon.  I went to lay down and I was in so much pain that I couldnt lay down.  I came back out and sat on the excersise ball for awhile.  Then I decided maybe if I took a shower it would make things either stop and I could go to bed or if they kept coming I was in real labor. I showered and they kept coming.  I then made Jason get up and come out and sit with me while we debated back and forth if we should go to hospital. The contractions on average were 5 minutes apart but not lasting a full minute like they should be to to go hospital.  We called the on call doctor and asked him opinion and he said if I was in that much pain to come in.

I decided that this would be a good time to pack my bags lol!  Yes I had only packed a few things and decided to get everything together right now.  We called my mom and she came over around 1 in the morning.  We got to the hospital around 2:00.  We asked the secirty guard where to go and he tried to tell us and I started having a contraction and I think he thought I was going to deliver right then because he ended up escorting us to the right spot. I got in the room and they weighed me and got me a gown and hooked me up to see what was going on.  I still was only 2 cm dialted.  So they let me have contractions for about an hour and checked again and still nothing changed.  She called the oncall doctor and he told me to walk for an hour and then check.  We walked around in a circle at the hospital for a whole hour while I stopped every few feet for a contraction.  (Contractions are no joke) They checked me and I had went like a half cenimeter. So the doc said they could either send me home or try walking one more time.  I chose to walk.....there was no way I could go home in as much pain as I was in.  Then the nurse asked me if I wanted to take a shower.  I took a shower and it made me feel so much better and I went to 3 1/2 and when she checked me she stretched me a little bit to get me going more.

By this time my doctor was taking calls and allowed me to be admitted and said Dr Lao would be in and would break my water.  He came in a little after 7 and checked me and broke my water.  Contractions then got worse.  I was begging for my epidural.  They came in and gave it to me at 8 and then I started going really fast.  I was telling them I knew I had to push (more like yelling I feel like I had to poop).  They kept telling me to breathe through it. My sister walked in and I was like someone has to get my camera.  I didn't expect it to happen so fast that we hadnt brought anything in.  She no longer got the camera back in and I was ready.  Finally Dr Lao came back quick and  we were ready to roll.  I pushed 3 times and Mr. Maddox (name unknown at this time) was born at 9:09 am.  I remember while pushing saying if someone doesn't get me a sweet tea from Mcds something bad would happen.  Once I pushed him out I had never felt so much relief in all my life.  I couldn't believe how miserable I actually had been until I actually delivered and wasn't pregnant anymore.  He came out crying and as soon as they layed him on me.....he peed! :)

Jason went and got Bailey and she was obsessed from then on.

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