Friday, August 6, 2010

Take me out to the Ballgame

Ok I am pretty sure I have never put this many pictures in one post but here goes.  This is from our trip Philly to go to the Phillies game!!
This is a double bridge.  One way of traffic is on top the other on the bottom. Never seen anything like it before.

This reminded me of Full House!

This building was very tall!

We walked through Chinatown to go shopping.

Getting ready for the game.

At the game!

Bailey built a baseball at build a bear!

Halladay the pitcher.

My boyfriend Jason Werth, I call him Werth-A LOT!
Had to get a picture with Mickey!

Thanks Jack for the tickets and everything!  Bailey loved everything about the game.  In case you all didn't know Bailey is obsessed with BASEBALL!  She loves going to her daddy's game she talks about the game all the time, and will even sit and watch it on TV!!  It was definatetly an experience we will never forget!   Oh yeah Bailey sings take me out to the ballgame at least 20 times a day! She loves it!  Hopefully we will be able to come to another game, but fingers crossed it still won't be 90 degrees when we leave at 9 at night!


Trish said...

Build-A-Bear at a ballgame??? Now how stinkin cool is that!!!

Did you get anything good in China Town?

Vanessa said...

Love her little baseball! too cute. Philadelphia is such a gorgeous city!

Mrs. Vincent said...

That is too cute! Chad watches sports all the time but can barely get Jordan to sit and watch with him, that's really cool that she watches it. :)