Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boardwalk rides and tears with a smile!

OK lots of pictures so I won't type much! Had to share this picture with you because its funny!  Jason was tired after going to China and fell asleep and Bailey decided to give him some babies to sleep with.
She is obsessed with my small camera.  She knows how to take them and then look at herself.  Wonder who she learned that from??? Remember this???
Jason driving after I drove the first 6 hours!
While we were at the beach we went to the boardwalk and Bailey got to ride some rides.
Then the dreadful firetruck.  She was begging to ride them.  So we let her.
She was loving it and thought it was so cool.
Then it started going to fast and she wanted off.
Then she REALLY wanted off.
She was crying and so was I! As soon as they stopped it I grabbed her off and of course Jason had the camera and had to snap me crying too.
Broke my heart! 
She was fine after a bit and wanted to ride the merry-go-round with daddy this time.
More to come from our trip!

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Trish said...

oh bless her heart...and yours too! She is way to cute for tears.

So what did Daddy name all his babies????