Friday, August 15, 2008

Baileys first photo shoot!

Ok so we had pictures done and it was evening and heat. Bailey is cranky in the evening and hates being hot! Needless to say she didnt smile in any of the picture! We are going to get more done and hopefully we will get one with a smile! But she is still the cutest little baby in the world! She is also starting to suck her thumb, finger, or fist....whichever one fits in her mouth at the time! Hope you enjoy, but then again who wouldnt love looking at pictures of this little princess!! By the way like the fourth one down where I am holding away from me is right after she peed on me! Shes lucky I love her......But I mean why didnt she pee on her dad??!! I gave birth to her... does she know what I went through! haha

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