Friday, November 14, 2008

Complaining for fun!!

Here are a few new pics! As you can tell she has a bow in her hair in all the new pics. That is because everyone thinks she is a boy. How can a cute little face like that look like a boy??? We were out one day and she had a pink and grey striped shirt on that said 100% baby girl and a lady said awwww is your little boy teething!! Im thinking of writing a book on what not to say about babies or mothers! Like when I took Bailey to her first doctor appointment and I had the carseat facing the other way and a lady said "oh it looks like your having another one" Bailey was 2 days old!!!!!!!!!! My advice to all....Dont ever assume someone is pregnant even if you think 99% they are! Dont make yourself look stupid! Also dont comment on the sex of babies because to me it kinda hurts my feelings haha! While we are on the subject of complaining.....I know my child is the cutest thing ever and everyone feels the need to touch her and talk to her!! TALK and thats it to strange babies! I have had so many people touch her in public that i dont know and think its the most disgusting thing ever! Ok if you would like any other tips from me just let me know!

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Anonymous said...

awww...Kristi I love these Pics! She looks so adorable in all of those outfits! Yea, I finally found your blog web page, its too cute! I had to start at the beginning because this was the first time I actually found the site! And the last blog you just wrote, is so funny and so you!I miss you guys so much and can't wait till Christmas! She is going to be so fun to play with!~Linds