Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interview with Miss Brouse

Interview on September 6, 2011.  We were sitting here and I decided to interview Bailey and here are her answers.  Enjoy

Whats your favorite color? Pink

Whats your favorite food? Spaghetti

Whats your favorite clothes? Arial clothes

Whats your favorite thing to play with? Toys What toys? Arial Toys and all princess ones

Who's your best friend? Ava and Jackson

Whats your favorite TV show?  Team umizoomi

What do you like to do during the day? play on swingset

Where would you like to travel? I would like to go to Lindsey's house

Whats your favorite animal? baby pig

Where do you like to shop? Lindseys house

Where do you like to eat out at? Wendy's

Who do you love? Ava, Jackson, Mommy, and Daddy and Jason

Anything else you want me to type: I like the princess castle.  I want a new boyfriend.

If you need a new one who is your old one? Daddy

"I need two boyfriends.....lets go on and get them."

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