Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 years!

Well I was just thinking about last few years and how things have changed. For the past three years our anniversary and mothers day has been within days of each other. We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary this year and once again Jason out did himself with my present. He got me an anniversary band to go with my wedding set. That my mothers day/ anniversary present and I love it! But then again who would love more diamonds! We went out to eat at Hibatchi for our anniversary and that was about it. For mothers day we cooked out at my moms hou seand just relaxed all day. I would like to wish my mom Happy Mothers day again and let you know that I love you! Thanks for being the best mom I could ask for! here are a few pictures of the past few years celebrating these two days!
Our wedding day!!! May 12, 2007!!!
This is me 37 weeks pregnant on Mothers day!
Finally our Family on our Anniversary!

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