Thursday, February 19, 2009

She loves to play with the dog cage
Her very first bathing suit.

So excited to be staying ina hotel for the first time.

She loves it!!

Watching her daddy pump gas.

Well everything is still going great with Bailey. We had a problem with her sleeping for the past few months. She was waking up almost every hour screaming and crying through the night and didnt want to take naps through the day. I was worn out from being up everynight and it finally got really bad about two weeks ago. So I decided to take her to the doctor just to make sure there wasnt anything wrong with her. She was completly healthy. They have me some zantac because they said it could be acid reflux. So now she takes that and we put some cereal in her bottle to help with the acid and she only wakes up once a night. I actually forgot what it felt like to sleep. The past few months have been more tiring than when she was a newborn.

Bailey is still crawling everywhere and even brave enough to try and walk but just falls down. She wants to get into everything and I mean everything. We decided to go to Columbus, OH for Valentines Day and did a little shopping. Well I should say we shopped for Bailey haha. Bailey was so good both days. She sat in the stroller almost the whole time and just took everything in. The hotel had an indoor pool and she absolutly loved it. At first she was a little scared becauase the water wasnt as warm as bath water. But as soon as she got used to it she splashed and kicked just like she was in a bath. Here are some pics of the weekend.

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