Thursday, May 8, 2008

36 weeks 2 days

Well we had a doctor appt today and everything went really good! I am 1 cm dialated, 50% effaced, and the baby is at 0 station! Yeah it all confuses me too if thats what you are thinking. Well obviously you have to be 10 cm to deliver (about the size of a cupcake wrapper flattened in case you were wondering). You have to be 100% effaced or thinned out to deliver so I am half way there in that department! The 0 station means that her head is already down in the pelvis area...the doctor could feel her head!! I told her she could deliver her now if she wanted! Anyways........I said well just tell me what all this means. I said do you think I will deliver in the next two weeks and she said ..........YES!! If I dont go into labor within the next two weeks they are going to induce me!!! We go next week for another appt and another ultrasound to get her exact measurements to see if she is small enough and I'm big enough to deliver her! Right now she is guessing that Miss Bailey weighs between 6lbs-6 1/2lbs. So you never know you could be getting a phone call any day now that we are headed to the hospital!!!

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