Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our story!

This is the story of how we became The Brouse House.  It all started back in August of 2005.  I was engaged to be married in September of that year.  Jason was married at the time.  My engagement ended in June of that year and Jason's marriage was ending around the same time. 

 The day I knew my engagement was over and why it had ended, I immediatly knew I was getting rid of the ring I had from it. 

We both worked in the local mall.  Jason was a manager in one of the jewelry stores and I managed a women's retail store right across the hall. Jason had just transferred to this store from another mall, so I had never seen him before.  I walked in and saw him and was asking him what I could get for my rings and how to trade them in.  Right off I was like "Man, he is hot" then "Red light...he has a wedding ring on."  He ended up leaving and I was still having a conversation with the other manager.  As soon as he walked off I said to the other manager "Man, too bad he is married."  That was the end of that. 

Within the next couple days him and his wife decided to divorce. TRUST ME it had nothing to do with me.

We both worked there for a couple weeks while me and my coworkers stalked him across the hall.  One night I was sitting in my car getting ready to leave and he walked out after closing.  I asked him if he wanted to get a drink and we did.  I ended up drinking too much and he drove my car home and I stayed at his place.  **Let me remind you, I lived with my parents at the time.**  We both had to be at work the next morning and his car was still at the mall.  So guess who had to take a boy home with them and get ready for work because we worked 45 minutes away?? ME!!! I have never done anything like that and was embarrased to the max!!  (Thank god I married that guy!)

Let me remind you that the whole time since I had been single since June I partied like a rockstar!  I honestly had the time of my life going out, meeting people, and having the freedom I never had before.  Jason and I never went out together, but would always meet at the same bar by the end of the night.  We would have long talks at night about our failed relationships and how we weren't looking for anything serious for a long time.

We moved in together in November...nothing serious huh?  It only took 3 months.  We were engaged that following April.  We planned our wedding for the following May.  While planning a wedding we moved to Virginia Beach for Jason's job.  We finally got married May 12th, 2007.  We knew we wanted to have kids pretty soon.  We found out we were pregnant in September!  We were so excited and scared at the same time.  Virginia was not a place I called home or wanted to raise my children.  After talking, we decided we were moving back to WV.  Jason's company decided to let him work out of our home.  So that was a huge relief knowing he didn't have to find another job.

We moved home in January of 2008 while I was 5 months pregnant.  We decided I wasn't going to work after having the baby.  It was pointless to get a job after moving home knowing that I would quit in 4 months. (As I type that I ask myself "What the heck did I do not working and not having a child?")  So I was a stay at home wife for a few months before becoming a mommy! 

Bailey was born May 27th, 2008, just 2 weeks after our one year anniversary.  Our lives have never been the same since.  The saying  "you don't know what love is til you have a child" is so true.  Being a parent is the most rewarding job.  We love being parents and can not wait to have more one day.

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Jennifer said...

I love this story!
I'm just now getting to read all of these off Kelly's Korner and thinking about posting my own "story" very soon!